Professional Construction Management Services in New York

At Universal Design and Construction Management, we take care to provide our customers with quality construction management services in Nassau County and the surrounding areas. Each project benefits from our vast pool of talent.  When issues come up, we demonstrate our 30+ years of experience by presenting our clients with creative and innovative solutions.

Realistic Project Feasibility & Projections

During the initial investigation and feasibility studies, we help determine whether a site is suitable for your particular development concept. We perform technical and economic analyses to determine construction budgeting and other construction planning.  Avoid wasting time and money, contact Universal Design today.

Compliance & Expediting Building Permits

Depend on us to handle all building department applications to keep you in compliance. We review relevant property information including zoning codes, use type, along with other building and city codes. When necessary, you can rely on us to help with expediting building permits in Nassau, Suffolk as well as New York City to ensure that your project is finished on time.  Don’t go it alone, we have expeditors with more than 20 years experience.

Help to Clear Building Inspections

Looking to sell an older home?  Then, the first thing on your mind is maximizing resale value – how to get the price best for your home.  Depending on its condition, this may require minor or major renovations.  Countless homeowners embark on renovations with no knowledge that their home is not in compliance with modern building standards.  This can open up a “can of worms”, costing homeowners untold amounts of time and money to resolve.

Universal Design presents a remedy to this challenge by providing professional building inspections as well as high-quality construction services so that homeowners can comply with current laws and sell their property free and clear of building violations.  We would be happy to sit down and discuss your renovation and resale vision.  Contact us today!

High-Quality Workmanship & Project Management

Expect quality workmanship when you trust our pros for construction management. Universal Design works with skilled and experienced builders to produce outstanding results. A professional site manager will always be available to keep you aware of progress, giving you peace of mind.  We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations. Whether we are building a new facility for your business or renovating your home, you can count on us for the successful completion of your project.

Comprehensive List of Services

  • Securing Building Permits
  • Zoning & Variance Preparation
  • Clearing Violations
  • Drafting Plans
  • Facilities Design & Fiscal Consulting
  • Construction Cost Estimating, Construction Budgeting & Report Writing
  • Building Department Research & Site Comparison Reports

Emphasis on Customer Service

Our staff members are professional, courteous, and efficient. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome. We provide realistic timelines and work hard to meet deadlines. Expect quality workmanship, great service, and results that you can be proud of.